Spot Dyeing

Bleach, urine, medications (acne treatments) and some cleaning products can take the colour out of carpets leaving ugly, lighter stains that cleaning cannot remove. The physics of colour apply. In most cases, Revive can ‘spot dye’ the colour back into these patches, hiding or making them less obvious.

Spot dyeing is unobtrusive; it is applied by hand, using the operator’s skill and eye for colour, matching as close as possible and the majority of spot dye jobs are completed within 1 hour. The carpet is useable immediately.


The stain MUST be lighter than the background colour of the carpet. If your stains are darker, the best and least expensive alternative may be to dye the whole room to a deeper colour (refer to our carpet dyeing page)…

Call 0414 443 777 for advice.

If you are in doubt, take some digital photos and email to us… info@ so that we can better advise you. When you ring, the questions we need answers to, are…

    1. Roughly, how big and how many spots are there? (ie., dribble dots, hand size, dinner plate size, etc.)
    2. What colour are the spots and what is the carpet colour?
    3. If the spots haven’t been rinsed, is the carpet due for a clean? – (speak to us before you proceed with any work).


Bleach remains active in carpets, even after cleaning. To prevent further damage and the possibility of latent bleach fighting our spot dyeing, we suggest you flood the stains with cold water and then stand on a towel to soak up most of the moisture; this should be repeated 3 or 4 times. Do not rub and do not use ‘other’ chemicals.

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