Reviveguard Stain & Soil Retardant


Stain and soil retardant ‘the invisible protector’ reduces the rate dirt and grit sticks to carpet fibres, thus making vacuuming more effective and easier. Freeing a carpet from this harmful grit reduces fibre wear and thus greatly extends the life expectancy of the carpet or rug. Reviveguard can repel, or make easier to treat, up to 80% of common spills. It is water-based, colourless and odourless.


Revive recommends steam cleaning. There are many good local cleaners, contact your local Revive Operator for professional cleaning services.

We do not recommend the use of spotters and stain removers as our experience has shown some can cause bleaching and re-occurring stains.

For FIRST AID treatment of spills we recommend … stand on a folded towel to remove excess as soon as possible. Saturate the carpet pile with cold water. Leave for 1 minute and stand on a folded towel to remove moisture. Repeat if necessary. DO NOT rub or use any other chemicals without professional advice.

For oil based or stubborn stains, gently rinse with methylated spirits, as above, prior to rinsing with cold water.

Fan hire

If faster drying is required, ask us about carpet fan hire.