Rug & Mat Dyeing


Rug Dyeing is similar to whole area carpet dyeing; wool, nylon and silk are dyeable…acrylic, polyester, polypropylene and cotton are not. First check the back of your rug for a label.

If in doubt, call us for advice – 0414 443 777, or send a digital photo – info@ and we may be able to identify it.

Rugs are cleaned and dyed, giving them a fresh and younger look. Rugs may be dyed more than once to gain the best possible result. You may want the same colour freshened up, or a totally new colour. We dye a surprising number of brand new rugs, achieving colours customers cannot buy. Sometimes, you may only need part of a rug dyed, ie., a border or particular colour that no longer suits.

Often rugs are much loved but have been abused; let us help with advice and likely outcomes.

For a small fee, rugs are picked up and delivered in certain areas and up to a reasonable size.

Whilst we have your rug, we can also apply Reviveguard stain and soil retardant at a special discount.

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