Frequently Asked Questions


There are many various qualities and combinations of fibres in carpets, as well as varying histories of care and abuse. It is impossible to give a categorical answer to every question. We list commonly asked questions and answers that may not necessarily relate to your specific situation.

We will give you our honest opinions and options when we inspect your carpet.


Is it cheaper than replacing?  

Revive carpet dyeing can be as little as 10% to 30 % of replacement costs, depending on the quality of your carpet and the type of carpet dyeing service you choose.

Full colour change, including cleaning etc. is usually around 30% with the Quick-Fix service coming in at 8% – 15% of replacement costs.


Will it cover my stains?

We are bound by the physics of colour: we cannot cover a darker stain with a lighter colour. During the dye test and quote we will mix various colour combinations to show different achievable effects.


What colour choices do I have?

We can mix colours into thousands of combinations and each is available in a thousand shades: we will mix a selection to show you, on your actual carpet, so you can decide which works best for what you are trying to achieve. Colours vary on every carpet, so your carpet colour will be unique. Together we can see which new colour will best hide stains and which will give the best appearance.

Revive dyes are not a coating, like paint, so lighter shades will be affected by existing patterns, stains etc., while deeper shades will override these more.

Example:- picture a cream carpet with yellow pet urine stains. If dyed light blue the result will be a light blue carpet with greenish stains in it. If dyed a deeper colour in a brown/taupe/caramel colour, the urine stains are more likely to become far less noticeable, if not invisible. We can advise on best colour combinations to try and achieve your aims.


My carpet is badly faded, can you help?

Fade can be either a quick-fix or a full colour change situation; we can offer our advice on options. If a colour change is required we usually replace the lost colour in the faded areas then dye over with the new colour to give the best result. If quick-fix treatment is used we replace the lost colour and may lightly overdye the whole area to get best results.


Can bleach or pet urine stains be repaired?

In most cases, yes. The criteria for Spot Dyeing is… the stain must be lighter than the carpet colour and/or in a colour family we can correct without going deeper. Most spot dyeing jobs are completed in approximately 1 to 1.5 hours. The skill of the operator and their knowledge of colour blending is the key. Our number one priority is to make it less obvious if it cannot be hidden completely. We also have a DIY system that may suit clients out of our covered areas.


Will it rub or clean off?

No. We will not do a dye job unless a successful dye test has been completed to prove the dye is permanent and therefore will not clean or rub off. The dye colour samples we show on your carpet need to be washed off by you to prove permanency; if not dyeable it will wash away, and if dyeable the sample cannot be washed away. Once your carpet has been dyed you can have it cleaned by all normal methods. Please note though, your carpet is a textile and is subject to normal hazards occurring to textiles i.e. bleach and harsh cleaners can affect it. If in a high UV area, fade can also occur but this normally takes years of exposure. Feel confident your Revive dyed carpet is robust and will give years of service.


How long does it take to do a job?

We can do large commercial areas quickly… whole office floors over one weekend. We can even dye around work stations saving down time and expense.

An average house is completed in 1 day. Occasionally a house needs to be dyed over 2 visits due to furniture restrictions.


Is the process toxic?

All chemicals used are water-based and non-hazardous. Chemical use is an integral part of the process, but concentrations are well below all recommended safe working guidelines. People can react to quite innocuous smells and chemicals so if you are very sensitive, it would be advisable to stay outdoors during the application stage. Once completed, it is safe for you, your children and pets.


How long does it take to dry?

When dyed your carpet will be a little damper than after a steam-clean, the dampness is water only so it can be used immediately; furniture can be replaced with normal precautions, normal drying is 1 to 3 days. This can vary with ventilation, weather, carpet thickness and pre-existing chemical residues.

Fan hire will speed drying.


What do we do with furniture?

We quote for cleared areas. At the dye test and quote we will advise on furniture, occasionally we can work around or move some awkward items and some carpets do require completely cleared areas. There is usually an easy and a difficult way to do every job so we will advise you the options. Generally, it is a better result when areas are clear of furniture completely beforehand.


What will it look like?

The normal effect after a carpet is revived is that the rooms will look bigger, younger and clean; most often the carpet will look less than a quarter of its age. We cannot promise new, as normal wear factors and past chemical spills and treatments do come into play, but the overall effect is a great improvement, adding years of useful life to the carpet.