Colour Matching

Dyeing a carpet is not like selecting a paint colour from a colour chart. Paint is a coating and when selecting you are actually selecting the colour of your coating. Our carpet dyes are ‘transparent’ water based colours, much like using cordial plus water in a glass, or water colours in art. The dye colour actually mixes with the existing carpet colour to give a target colour result. The same carpet colour mix will vary on every carpet it is used on. Pre-selecting and testing of colours on your particular carpet is the only positive way of showing possible choices. Each carpet has its own behaviour, and whilst we can mix and blend colours in 1000s of combinations, occasionally a carpet is limited in the final colours it will accept. Whilst very experienced at colour matching, we do not guarantee exact matches.

A sample of your carpet can be posted with a swatch of your target colour, and we will return it with colour examples dyed into it.