Carpet Dyeing

Most wool and nylon carpets are dyeable; polypropylene, polyester and acrylic are not. Approximately 80% of carpets are suitable. We first test your carpet to prove it is permanent and colourfast by placing small samples of various colour combinations on the carpet, usually on an off-cut or inside a wardrobe or somewhere out of the way. You then test it yourself by trying to wash it out… if not dyeable, it washes away. If dyeable, you cannot wash it out; this proves permanency and that it is cleanable by all normal methods. We place several spots to indicate various effects that can be gained by mixing and blending the colours.

When the job is carried out, the carpet is extract cleaned and dyed in the one visit. Your carpet will be left slightly damper than after steam extraction cleaning; normal drying time varies but the average is between 1 to 3 days. It can be used immediately, even replacing furniture (with normal precautions).

Ring 0414 443 777 or email info@ to arrange a visit to give you our honest opinion, options, a dyeability test and a written quote.

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We guarantee your revived carpet can be cleaned by all normal methods for 5 years from date of application.

Revive also offers an extremely good discount on the application of REVIVEGUARD stain and soil retardant treatment; this will reduce the wear and soiling of the carpet, thus extending its life, vaccuuming is easier and it will repel up to 80% of common spills.